Dovid דוד Glasses Script:
10 steps for managing lust and coveting

You can see beyond the façade of this world by using the "Dovid דוד glasses". It works like this:

Step 1: The Talmud states in Menachos 29B that this world was created with the letter ה (hay). In order to prepare yourself to put on the דוד glasses, when you are looking at the world, first become aware that you are looking at a letter ה.

Step 2: Contemplate that each of us is a “world” unto ourselves. Together, we comprise the world as a whole. Therefore, we are also all הs. The second step is to ponder that each of us is a letter ה.

Step 3: Realize that the letter ה is actually a composite of 2 letters, ד (dales) and י (yud). See the deeper truth, that the ד is just a vessel that receives the letter י into it, in order to make a ה.[1]

Step 4: Put on the דוד glasses, and look through the lenses, which are the דs. Consciously choose to view the world and everything in it, not simply as הs, but instead as דs that are receiving יs into themselves. The דוד glasses have 2 דs, 2 lenses. One ד lens is to view yourself through, and via the other you see everyone else. Looking through these glasses, everyone appears as a ד receiving a י.
Step 5: Be empty! Stay in your place and maintain your boundaries, just like the ד in the ה which doesn't touch the י. The name for the letter דדלת (dales), comes from the word  דל (dal), which means poor. Without the י in the ה, the letter that remains is just a “poor” ד. We are all impoverished דs, empty and humble. Therefore, separate yourself from the י, which represents all the goodness, beauty, strength, life-force, and other free gifts that you receive.

The Talmud in Menachos 29B says that the next world (heaven) was made with the letter י, and so the letter י represents other-worldliness, spirituality, G-dliness, and life. The י is the life-force that fills up the ד, that fills you up. With the דוד glasses, you can recognize that you are an empty ד, and that all your goodness is received from Above, through the other-worldly י.

Step 6: See that everyone else is an empty ד too! Don't be fooled by surface appearances. This one has beauty, that one has strength. Redirect your thoughts and your perspective. 
Choose to view them too as empty דs that are receiving G-d’s י. Observe that it's the י that gives them their beauty and strength, which makes them into radiant הs. It’s the other-worldly י that you are admiring, idolizing, lusting after, or being jealous of. But, the י does not belong to them. Without the י, they are just empty דs.

When you see other beautiful הs that you desire, whether person or thing, who shine and radiate, redirect your thoughts. Don't take the other ה's beauty for yourself, for it's neither yours nor theirs. Put on the דוד glasses, and see that you and they are just empty דs receiving the other-worldly י.

Step 7: Unite together with the other דs in receiving the י. Every attraction is a test, an opportunity. Shift your focus away from your desire to take FROM them. Redirect and refocus on receiving WITH them, receiving together from The Source. Instead of loving what they have . . . instead of glorifying the goodness and beauty and strength and life-force that their י represents, learn to love receiving WITH them. Upgrade and realize that we are brothers and sisters joining together to receive from The Source. Theirs is coming to them, and yours is coming to you. Don’t zero-in on your portion or theirs, but rather zoom out and discover the luminary above that’s shining the י into both of you.

Step 8: Notice that if you’re a ד and everyone else is a ד, if we are all דs, then together we form the name דוד (Dovid).
 דוד is comprised of one empty ד (ready and opening up to receive a י) and another empty ד (ready and opening up to receive a י), joining together through the connecting letter ו.  

The דs of דוד receive יs into them, creating the word הוה
This reflects G-d's holy ineffable name הוה-י
Together we are the nation of דוד (Dovid) receiving G-d's goodness and life-force.

Step 9: Practice, and make this perspective into a habit. By reading this script, you've already learned how to put on the דוד glasses. Now, begin wearing the glasses all the time.
Realize that without them and their corrective lenses, you can't see straight.

In order for any change to be real and to stick, you need to do the new behavior consistently. The task is to now make the new functioning second nature and internalized. From now on, with everyone you see, put on the glasses, one ד goes on you and the other ד goes on them.
Make this your new perspective.

Step 10: Devote your life to this, because this is your life.

[1] Based on לקוטי מוהר"ן, תורה מט' אות ג':
וְזֶה בְּחִינַת הֵ"א, כִּי דָּלֶ"ת הָיְתָה, וְאִתְחַזְרַת וְנַעֲשֵׂית הֵ"א . כִּי דָּלֶת הֲוַיְת, לְשׁוֹן דַּלָּה וַעֲנִיָּה. הַיְנוּ כְּשֶׁמְּטַמְטֵם לִבּוֹ בְּטִפְּשׁוּת, 'וְאֵין עָנִי אֶלָּא בְּדַעַת' (נְדָרִים מ"א), וְאָז הִיא בְּחִינַת דָלֶ"ת. וּכְשֶׁמְּקַדֵּשׁ מַחֲשַׁבְתּוֹ, וְלֵית קְדֻשָּׁה פָּחוֹת מֵעֲשָׂרָה (מְגִלָּה כ"ג:). וְהִיא בְּחִינַת יוּ"ד (תִּקּוּן י'), שֶׁמַּמְשִׁיךְ לְתוֹךְ הַדָּלֶ"ת, וְנַעֲשֵׂית ה'.