Intimacy is sharing your reality with another, and then that other person receives what you shared. Robert Weiss defines Intimacy as ""a state of honesty, vulnerability, and trust between two people". In order for the relationship to be reciprocal, and for the intimacy to be mutual, your partner also needs to share their reality with you too, and you then receive what they shared. 

If you're scared of being judged, then you won't share fully, and intimacy is lessened. The more vulnerable and naked you can be, the more you can test the other's acceptance and receiving. Being vulnerable involves risk, and trust helps us to take that risk. As a CSAT (certified sex addiction therapist), I am trained how to rebuild broken trust and address betrayal.

When you share your thoughts and feelings, and the other receives them, they are holding and embracing a part of you. When they feed back to you that which you have shared, both of you are then holding it together. 

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